Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kardashian Makeup Organizer

There are a lot of women who have a ton of makeup and cosmetic products!! One of them being me! I think we can all agree that we need an easier way to keep track of our makeup and cosmetics and to keep it all in one neat and tidy place.

And keeping all of your cosmetics hidden inside an un-organized  makeup drawer doesn't work because you can't see everything that is inside and you wont use what you have. Which you will have to eventually throw away because it is old.

So I discovered that the answer to this problem is to purchase a clear acrylic makeup organizer with drawers so that you can view all of it at once and I can keep all my beauty items together.

I'm sure you have seen the clear acrylic makeup organizer that everyone is talking about. It's a large clear organizer and has drawers that pull out with sections which will help you organize everything.

I have one of these organizers and let me tell you that every morning when I'm getting ready for work, I look forward to opening up my drawers and I go right to what I need without having to search for my foundation or my favorite eye shadow. It's all right there and it's easy! What a time saver :) 

If you are looking for the Kardashian makeup organizer like the one that appeared on the show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians",  you came to the right place because these Kardashian makeup organizers are just like Kourtney Kardashian's. But, for a fraction of the cost.

Kourtneys organizer was made especially for her and her sisters but it has been re-created for everyone to have and it's much more affordable than the original cost which was around $300. You can have one too but, for much cheaper.  (around $100 ) The makeup organizers that you see here are similar to the one on the show. You can get one like mine here!

Here is a snapshot of my organizer!

One of the drawers of my organizer.

This makeup organizer is large enough for organizing all of your makeup and you can organize it in categories. Like I mentioned above, I personally own this organizer and keep my lipsticks and glosses in one drawer, my eye shadows and palettes in one drawer and my foundation and powders in another and I use the rest for other goodies like hair accessories, skincare samples and other makeup.