Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flower Cosmetic and Makeup Brush Holder

If you are looking for an easy way to organize all of your makeup brushes, you will need a flower cosmetic and makeup brush holder.  How many makeup brushes do you actually have? Wait! Don't answer that yet. I know, you have too many to even count, right?

I must have about twenty makeup brushes so I can relate.  I like the fact that I can use one to blend my eye shadow, one to apply my blush, one for detailing my eyeliner and I even have a foundation brush.  So what I like to do is keep them all in one organized place so I can find them all without having to go though my makeup drawers or my makeup bag.  

The Flower cosmetic and makeup brush holder by L.A. Minerals is perfect for organizing and holding all of your makeup brushes in one place.  If you are big on maximizing your space and you like to keep things clutter free, this makeup brush holder is for you! It is small but will hold lots of brushes and it's perfect to set on your counter top . You can place it right beside your makeup organizer and it wont take up much space.

This makeup brush holder is in the shape of a flower which is really pretty and quite practical in the sense that you can fit all of your makeup brushes and liners in it. This brush holder is very classy looking and ads a nice modern touch to your vanity area. It has lots of large spots for your powder brushes, eye shadow brushes, blush brushes and also has little places too for favorite eye liners, small detail brushes and for shorter makeup brushes.

Features of this makeup brush holder are...

  • Made of acrylic 
  • Pretty flower shape 
  • Small and large spots for a variety of brushes
  • Makeup brushes can be organized so that you can access them easily.
  • Great for long makeup brushes and short makeup brushes.
  • Small enough to fit on vanity 
  • Easy to clean
  • 3.5 x 2.75 inches in size (Please note that this is very small but can hold plenty of brushes)