Monday, July 25, 2011

Animal Print Train Cases

Train cases are a great way for storing and organizing all of your cosmetics and makeup when you are either traveling or just want to put them away in a neat organized place. I use them for my makeup storage when I do makeup on my clients for weddings or special events but you can use them for everyday too. You can put your eye shadows, mascara, blush, makeup brushes, foundation, lip stick, eye liner, tweezers and more inside.

You have many designs to choose from.  Some train cases have a really cute animal print on them, some are textured and some come with bright fun colors. Whatever you prefer, you can have a cool and convenient way to store all of your necessities while you are on your vacation. And you will be able to access everything in one place.

You can also use animal print train cases to store your fine and costume jewelry.  There are lots of pockets and trays so that you can neatly store your jewelry inside.  As far as the design goes on these train cases, animal prints are fun and cute!  There are many animal prints to choose from like the Zebra print, Leopard print, Alligator print, Tiger print and even Giraffe print!

Inside the Zebra Print Train Case you have two removable trays , two trays that extend out with a larger inner tray, and there are side holders on each side and a vanity mirror. There is even storage in the bottom of the case below the trays.  These train cases are very sturdy and can hold many items.